Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mixed Media - Fears

^^A Nightmare ^^

 Artists Develop Art Making Skills
Did you learn new techniques or processes as part of the work for this project?
Did you gain skill with familiar materials?

For this project I used: newspaper, tissue paper dye, acrylic paint, and a photo transfer. The photo transfer was new to me, becuase I had never used this skill in a art piece. What you do for a photo transfer is you tape over a picture from a magazine, a photograph or one that you printed out and make sure there are no air bubbles in it. Then you press the back of the picture into the tape to make sure it is stuck on there. Then you let the picture soak in water and when its completely soaked, you peel off the photo and the ink transfers to the tape. I also used tissue paper dye which you get out of the tissue paper by wetting it with water. I gained a lot of familiarity with this medium becuase I used it through out my project, using it to create a night sky putting the darkest colors at the top. Also I used it to create the fire coming from the wold that was howling in my piece, which was my interpretation of a nightmare.

Artists Take Risks
Did you try something that you weren't sure about as part of this project?
Did you pick a material or technique that was new or different over something that was familiar?

I took a risk with the Acrylic paint I used to create the claw marks. I was originally scared to use paint becuase it is my weak spot when talking about art, also I was afraid because with paint you can't erase it so if I messed up it was permanent. I picked this material over drawing the claw marks, because I really wanted the claw marks to stand out and I thought painting them in red would have this effect. I also used a photo transfer which I was scared to use at first becuase I didn't want to get any air bubbles and I didn't know if the ink was going to transfer all the way on to the tape.

Artists Reflect
When did you step back and analyze you work during this project? 
Did you consider how ideas would work before you tried them?

I stepped back and analyzed my work when I finished painting the claw marks and getting half of the night sky on the page. After looking back at my work I thought I needed something more in the bottom right hand quarter of my piece. After consulting my friends and my art teacher I decided to continue my night sky all the way down the page. I also continued the black on the bottom of the wolf photo silhouette to make the ground of my piece go across the page. Before I did this I asked my friends again to make sure it would look alright with my piece to make sure it wouldn't pull focus from my wolf silhouette picture which is the main spot of focus in my art piece.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sticky situation - Im Melting!

I used my own ideas for this project. I wanted to in corporate some sort of flow into my project. So I chose two ideas. A butterfly flying in the rain and Popsicles melting. I chose the Popsicle idea. And I made it orginal by having a Popsicle melting and having different types of Popsicle melting on the ground with different complementing colors. I used my sources to get a reference of how to draw a Popsicle and then basing that for how to draw a melting Popsicle.

I learned from this project how to mix different values of paint. And this skill allowed me to mix and blend the different values of the paints I needed and made it look like a smooth transistion from one color to the next. I gained skills with familiar materials with the acrylic paint. It allowed me to practice the skill of blending paints through out my painting and in different directions. 

I had a challenge with finding a color scheme for my Popsicles and the background color. I solved this problem by asking for help from mrs rossi and my classmates. I dicided to go with a pink salmon color for the back ground and a teal color for the melting Popsicle. I also had a little trouble figuring out a way to make the acrylic pair look like Popsicle melting juice. I eventually figured out that if I add water to the paint it would look like the Popsicle juice.  Although my project did take an unexpected turn because I had orignally wanted to make the background yellow but I had to change it because my darker shade for my white part of my red white and blue Popsicles was yellow to get a creme color. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up Close and Personal Project- Emphasis

Artists solve problems:
I responded to the problems that I had by incorporating new methods of using the coloring pencils. For example I found that if I pressed as hard as I could that value still was not a dark enough value. I solved  this problem by using darker color pencils I used purple for my dark value for the red on the crown of the rooster. This mistake and the correction did make my piece a lot better. It added a 3D effect  to my piece and added a realistic effect. The color purple added a new color In my color scheme. I was able to contrast the color purple with turquoise and mint colors in the background. I had not planned to do a complementing color as the background and I think the back ground complementary color really added a element of constraint and emphasis to the rooster.

Artists Reflect:
I analyzed my progress on this project when I was done with the crown of the rooster before I added the purple as the dark value. I analyzed the piece and then realized that I need a darker value to emphasize the values. So after I realized this I tried different dark values. I tried dark brown and black but none of these colors worked with my color scheme. Then I tried dark purple and this color worked for the red color I chose for the crown and values in the feathers. 

Artist Creates Original Work:
I used references of chickens and roosters and combined the pictures. For my piece I choose a chicken pose and three quarter view. And then I choose to do a rooster in that pose. I also chose to combined the references to make the color choices for the roosters eye. Then I chose my own color scheme for the rooster. I choose a light brown color scheme and contrasted it with a mint and turquoise colors and values. I did use a sources for my inspiration and combined it with my own ideas and color schemes with it, and made it original.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Color pencil/pastel techniques

Today we used different materials to blend colors. One of the materials we used was an oil pastel. You use this by starting with the medium value and go in whatever direction the shape goes. Then  you add the dark value increasing pressure if you want a darker value. Then you add the white value. When you use oil pastel it is important to have multiple layers to get the value you want. We also used color pencils. I used the prisma color pencil because they have brighter led and are softer to work with.  This material requires a specific pressure to get the specific value you want. You press really hard to get a darker value and press lightly to get a light value. We also used chalk pastels. With these you can you your finger to blend the values. Also multiple layers are required to get the  value you need too.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Character Develop Final

         For my final drawing of my two character and their environment I choose to have the bad character, the yak, steal Clarie's hat who is the good character. I choose to have the yak escape his pen, ad implied by the broken wire on the fence. I also chose to draw Claire running out the door to catch her yak and get her get back in his pen with her lasso.  For her house I choose to draw it as a log cabin to give a rustic feel. I also chose to give it a red roof because, in my opinon red is the color you think of when u say farm. I used water color for the sky and mad it darker on the yak's pen side to give it an omnuious feel. The materials I used for this project were, watercolor Prisma pencils, and water color. Overall, this project allowed me to explore my creativeness and come up with some of my own ideas and bring them to life.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good and Bad Characters and Environments for Character Design Project

I wanted a story you wouldn't normally think of, so for my two characters so I picked two natural enemies, a cowgirl and a yak. In their story this girl named Claire is a farmer. She is the good character because she is really sweet and cares for all her animals. She is living on a farm with her family. However there is one stubborn animal on the farm, her yak.

The yak is the bad character because he is always making trouble on the farm. Weather he is harassing the other animals or making his pen a mess he is always causing trouble for Claire. In the final product the two characters are going to interact by,  the yak steals her cowgirl hat and escapes the pen, then Claire trys to lasso the yak and get her hat back. I choose a red collared shirt  for Claire to give her a western style and I choose to have her live in a peaceful happy-looking barn to give a lot of contrast to the yaks pen. I choose to hav dead trees, a dark sky, and  dead grass in the yak's pen to emphasize that the yak was the bad character. Also I gave the yak black beady eyes to make him look intimidating.