Friday, January 10, 2014

Character Develop Final

         For my final drawing of my two character and their environment I choose to have the bad character, the yak, steal Clarie's hat who is the good character. I choose to have the yak escape his pen, ad implied by the broken wire on the fence. I also chose to draw Claire running out the door to catch her yak and get her get back in his pen with her lasso.  For her house I choose to draw it as a log cabin to give a rustic feel. I also chose to give it a red roof because, in my opinon red is the color you think of when u say farm. I used water color for the sky and mad it darker on the yak's pen side to give it an omnuious feel. The materials I used for this project were, watercolor Prisma pencils, and water color. Overall, this project allowed me to explore my creativeness and come up with some of my own ideas and bring them to life.

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