Sculpture with Suds

Sculpture One with Mrs. Sudkamp

Wire Tree

 First I cut 12 pieces of wire that were 3 times the length I wanted of my tree. Then for each piece I folded the wire in half and twisted it so there was a big loop at the end and then twisted the big  loop into two smaller loops to make the roots. then after I twisted all of the roots together to make the trunk of the tree. and then I twisted two wires together at the top to make the branches. Then I attached it to my base.  My tree is successful in looking alike a old wicker tree in the winter with bare branches for next time I would have had a bigger trunk and made some branches in the middle instead of all at the top. 

Clay Animal

I formed my cat sculptures by making the body out of clay and attaching the legs, tail, ears, and head with scratch and slip methods. Then after they were fired I painted them with black and clear glaze. I Think i could have made them bigger and more detailed if I had more time and it was at the beginning of the year and maybe each cat out of a different material. I think the fur was really successful on the cats and their markings.

Graffito Tray

Unconventional Material Project

I worked with the material tin foil. I over came the obstacle of working with is medium by using the texture of my material and working with the shininess of the tin foil to showcase the material I used. I feel what is most successful about my piece is the shininess of the scales of the lizard whose name is Killian. What I would change next time is use a plaster mold for the body and head of the lizard and then wrap it in tinfoil to make more accurate proportions. I would make the students use two materials instead of one material to make more interesting results. 

3 Bowls for Empty Bowl project

For my sunflower bowl I used the wheel and the material I used for all three bowls is clay. I made the other two bowls by using the pinch pot techniques. After they were all fired I painted the bowls using warm color schemed glazes. The sunflower bowl turned out well but one of pinch pot bowls bottom fell out. I personally loved using the wheel it was really cool for me being able to make perfectly symmetrical bowls like I see on TV.

Illustration Friday 4/22/16

Word: Wood

Week of 3/21 Vessel

My piece fits into the vessel category because it is mainly a decorative piece but it is a bowl which can hold object if desired but it mainly holds air. I feel very successful about getting the idea across the the bowl is made from crashing waves. i really like how the really wet slip I used to make the sea foam looks and it is not razor sharp as I thought it would be. I like the texture of the starfish but i would have likes to make the arms of the starfish more round and dome like to really make the creature pop against the waves. i would have also blended the glazes more in the waves. i came up with my idea because I have always wanted to paint water but i was never able to because painting is probably my weakest area of art. When i saw the glass bowls of ocean waves i knew i had to try to incorporate that idea into my piece somehow, I have always loved the water and the ocean and I am really happy with how the piece turned out!

Pit Fire part 2

To make my piece I first started out with a pinch pot and formed it into a bird bowl. then I burnished it with a spoon so the materials would burn better on it. Then I painted it with a red clay slip so the objects that I put on it would burn better. Then I added flowers and leaves and copper and put my piece in a foil saggar. After it was pit fired I scarped off all the gunk and shined it up with floor wax.

This technique is different than regular techniques because how your piece will come out is a big mystery and you cant really control how it will look. Also after you pit fire it that is your final piece normally a piece comes out as white and then you paint it to your liking.

I feel like I added too much red clay slip to my piece. I would love to do something like this again with maybe a bigger piece. I would also like to make a slab built vessel instead of from a pinch pot.

Pit Fire part 1

pit firing is the oldest known method for the firing of pottery. Examples have been dated as early as 29,000–25,000 BCE. Kilns have since replaced pit firing as the most widespread method of firing pottery, although the technique still finds limited use among certain studio potters.A fool saggar is a covering of foil over your piece and the flammable materials. 

These techniques are special because it leaves different colored burns from the materials put on the vessel instead of all one color of clay.

Form Sculpture


Relief Project Post 2


                For my piece I found it easy to carve into the wood to make the ripples. I also found it easy to use the water color to make different values for the water to stain the wood. If I had to do my piece over again I would use color wire to fill in the fox with orange Instead of using the wood grain for the fur. My piece did differ from my original piece because I originally wanted to do an angry goose flapping  but I had to change my plan because I was in visioning a in the round sculpture and the project was relief. The cardboard mini project helped my gain a better understanding of how to carve into the piece and the clay helped me understand how to paint a piece and make it come to life. I overcame the challenge of shaping the wire and making it look 3D.

Relief Project Post 1 

Link to my pinterest board for 15 pictures of inspiration: 

                 For my big project of the theme of relief I have decide to do a wire relief that will come out of plywood. What I want to make for the relief is a fox swimming in water. The viewer will only be able to see the top half so it will appear ass the wire fox is swimming through the plywood which I will carve out of and use the wood grain to make it look like water giving it a blue wash when I'm done. I plan to paint the wood right under the fox orange to make it look like the fox is orange when viewed from above and to contrast with the color of the water. I will make the fox by spiraling the wire around in loops to make up its body and go back and forth over the ears and snout and tail to make it look rounded and 3D.

Inspired Artist Post

My artist that I chose name is celia Smith. She lives in North Wiltshire and works with wire. I was very inspired by her pieces because they look like illustrations that have come to life. I also love that her work mainly consists of wire bird sculptures because birds have always been a challenge for me to draw because I could never quite get the texture of the feathers right. However after seeing birds done in wire 3D form I have courage and hope that I might be able to tackle them in this medium. this artist spoke to me because she accomplishes so much with out going into the fine details which is something I have always struggled with, because when I draw I always focus on getting in all the details and trying to make my pieces perfect. For my relief main project I wish to make a wire relief sculpture of a goose, fox, or pig and after seeing this artist's work I am very excited to start!

Check out more of her work here:

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