Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up Close and Personal Project- Emphasis

Artists solve problems:
I responded to the problems that I had by incorporating new methods of using the coloring pencils. For example I found that if I pressed as hard as I could that value still was not a dark enough value. I solved  this problem by using darker color pencils I used purple for my dark value for the red on the crown of the rooster. This mistake and the correction did make my piece a lot better. It added a 3D effect  to my piece and added a realistic effect. The color purple added a new color In my color scheme. I was able to contrast the color purple with turquoise and mint colors in the background. I had not planned to do a complementing color as the background and I think the back ground complementary color really added a element of constraint and emphasis to the rooster.

Artists Reflect:
I analyzed my progress on this project when I was done with the crown of the rooster before I added the purple as the dark value. I analyzed the piece and then realized that I need a darker value to emphasize the values. So after I realized this I tried different dark values. I tried dark brown and black but none of these colors worked with my color scheme. Then I tried dark purple and this color worked for the red color I chose for the crown and values in the feathers. 

Artist Creates Original Work:
I used references of chickens and roosters and combined the pictures. For my piece I choose a chicken pose and three quarter view. And then I choose to do a rooster in that pose. I also chose to combined the references to make the color choices for the roosters eye. Then I chose my own color scheme for the rooster. I choose a light brown color scheme and contrasted it with a mint and turquoise colors and values. I did use a sources for my inspiration and combined it with my own ideas and color schemes with it, and made it original.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Color pencil/pastel techniques

Today we used different materials to blend colors. One of the materials we used was an oil pastel. You use this by starting with the medium value and go in whatever direction the shape goes. Then  you add the dark value increasing pressure if you want a darker value. Then you add the white value. When you use oil pastel it is important to have multiple layers to get the value you want. We also used color pencils. I used the prisma color pencil because they have brighter led and are softer to work with.  This material requires a specific pressure to get the specific value you want. You press really hard to get a darker value and press lightly to get a light value. We also used chalk pastels. With these you can you your finger to blend the values. Also multiple layers are required to get the  value you need too.