Sunday, December 1, 2013

Look At That Animal Move

         For this piece I used Prisma-color pencils. I used them to blend and color along with the shape to make texture. I also made sure to do one stroke at a time for the feathers so it would look realistic in the end. I made the different values with the color pencils by pressing harder for darker values and lighter for lighter values. I accomplished the goal of making the bird look like it was moving by drawing it in a launch position. I arched the shoulders back and leaned its body forward to give it the illusion of getting ready to spring into the air.  Using Prisma-color pencils helped my work because I was able to get brighter values and blend to get a 3D effect and also I was able to work with the values much easier. I had trouble with getting the darker values were the wing was folded and hunched back. I eventually used a black Prisma to get darker values and blended it out. Overall, I loved this project and enjoyed using the Prismas.

Figure Drawing Analysis

          The importance of scale and proportion in drawing is so the piece can have overall balance and look realistic. I used dark thick lines to show volume, while using light thick lines to show where the light was hitting it. We did many warmup exercises to help us; one we did was gesture drawings. The timed ones helped us understand that only a few lines were need to show the movement of the body. The ones were were were supposed to take more time on helped us to work on proportion and balancing the differnent elements of the body. I liked using different medias because it allowed me to experiment with  different materials. I think that experimenting with different medias helped my work because it allowed me to get darker with my values and be looser with my drawings. The struggles I had with this piece were, getting the body to look like it had form and mass and not just doing an outline. Overall I loved this activity and I think it helped me grow as an artist.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oh the Places We Will Go, Project

When creating this piece I had tree ideas; Italy, France, and walking in the rain. I started to draw out my thumbnails of my ideas when I realized I could combine two of my ideas into one unique idea. I combined walking in the rain with Paris and had the idea to draw a girl from pairs waiting to come back home sitting by train tracks. I used pen for her umbrella, her hat, the rail road tracks, the Eiffel Tower, and for general shading techniques. I used marker for her coat, her suitcases, her hair, the grass, and the mountains in the distance.I used water color for the sky and the ground to give the effect that it was raining in the picture. Overall, my struggles were creating the tiles for the ground were she was sitting, and the rail road tracks. I think had a easier time shading her coat and her suitcases. I was proud of myself for drawing her hair in a way that gave the effect of having curly hair. Overall, this project let me experiment with pen and marker in different fun unique ways.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Interesting Point of View Drawing

            At first I wanted to draw a Alice in Wonderland tea set. but when I started looking at the backgrounds of Alice and wonderland and all the unique settings they had I wanted to draw that instead. I wanted to Incorporate some of the famous characters into my drawing and immediately thought of drawing the cat, however, I realized that he has been overdone so I settled for drawing the caterpillar instead. I also knew that I would have to draw many big extravagant flowers and mushrooms too. I chose the 1st point of view for this piece because I thought it would give more attention to the background and all it unique factors. I knew I had to be very creative if I was going to draw Alice in Wonderland so I exaggerated everything I could, I made the mushrooms huge, as well as the roses. I also gave each piece of my drawing very detailed shading so that each piece would pop. Also I gave each part of my drawing texture so my drawing would be unique and unforgettable.

Monday, September 23, 2013

paper bag project

           Value is important because in order to depict depth and add a realistic quality to drawings you have to add many values to your work. I feel like I achieved this quality of volume and 3D by adding value. I added darker values to where the bag was crumpled in and put lighter values for the parts of the bag that were being hit by the light source.  Also when a fold was in the bag I used darker values for the edge of the fold and put lighter values under the fold to make the fold look like it was 3D and coming off the page. I used the paper bag by crumpling it and the folding over the top of the bag to give it a unique fold. The hardest part of drawing the bag for me was the top and inside of the bag; I had a hard time depicting the drawing so it looked like you could really see inside the bag. The part I was most successful at was the front of the bag. I feel like I really depicted the folds and the overlapping of the folds well and did a good job at adding the dark values to the folded in parts of the bag. Overall, this project helped me grow in my shading abilities and taught me how to use the value scale correctly.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

game drawling

Vocabulary to use: perspective, washes, watercolor, gradation, blending, colored pencils, overlapping, horizon, vanishing points, value, highlights, shadows

\Describe your overall thoughts on the final piece.  
How successful do you feel this piece is and why? 
What worked about this project? What didn’t work? 
If you were to do this project over again, what changes would you consider making? 
What was the most difficult part about completing this piece and why?
What did you learn from this piece?

my overall thought with my game drawling was it was both fun and changeling. the back round of my game drawling was really hard to draw for me because everything was blurred together. Although using the water colors and light washes was fun. i also really enjoyed using the color pencils to blend together colors.
I feel very successful about this piece.  because I used lots of perspective, and value to make my drawling look 3D. the vanishing points, shadows, and the horizon line really helped me do this. i found that wend use the technique blending, and added highlights to my picture it made it look allot better.
what did not work in this project  was adding black washes to the border of my picture because it made it blur and you could not tell what it was. what did work was the techniquce  gradation