Thursday, September 20, 2012

Value Portraits Art Critique

Value Portraits Art Critique

Self evaluation (must write at least 3 sentences for each question)

1. Explain the process you went through to develop your drawing.
the process we went to develop my drawing is we had to get a sheet of trace paper and put it over the black and white photo of the person we were drawing. then we had to hold it up to a light source and outline all the values we saw in the face. not the features of the face like the nose. after we had finished outlining all the values in the photo, we covered the other side of the trace paper with graphite. after that we placed the trace paper on a blank page of our skeacth book and retraces all of the values on the trace paper so the face of the person we were drawing would transfer over. after we transferred it we began to fill in the values of the picture trying not to go to dark to fast. after we had done that we were finished.
2. Explain how you found the different values in the portrait?
 I found the different values in the portrait by using our portable shading chart which had 8 boxes of shading going from white to black. i then macthed the vales in the picture to one of the boxes in my shading chart. after i macthted the color to one in the shading chart i colored in the value it macthed  and shaded with the shapes of the features of the face making the values blend together to make it 3d.
3.  Did you achieve a full range of the different values within your portrait?  How?
yes i did make a full range of values of my picture. i did this by, looking at the lightest and darkest part of the picture and colored them as applied. i also used all of the values in between by machining up the value that fit best to the value in the picture and colored it the value as it applied.
4. Describe your craftsmanship.  Is the artwork executed and crafted neatly?
i think that my drawing turned out very good and it has the aspect of looking 3d. i tyred my hardest so, i believe that my artwork looks the way its supposed to and it straight to the point so i think that i executed it very well and it turned out beautifully. my artwork was done to the best of my ability there were no stray marks and it blended all together so i believe it is very neat.

5. List any obstacles you had to overcome and how you dealt with them.
i had trouble with getting the hair dark in certain parts. after many try of shading more i figured out that if you pressed down on the pencil harder the line became darker, and it also helped if you shaded with the way the hair grows to give a life like aspect.

Friday, September 7, 2012

value art study

 1.Describe your overall thoughts on the final piece? i thought my final oil pastel drawing was very detailed in the shadows and the quality of light wasgood and made them apper 3D. however, i could have done more work on the square because it dint define the shape enough.

2. if this was a group project, what was your contribution?

3. How successful do you feel this piece is and why? i feel very sucessful when i finshed this project because my sphere looks like a ball you could grab off the paper. but my square could use more detail.

4. What worked about this project? What didn’t work? what worked when i was doing this project is shading with the shape and starting with the middle color first, also blending the colors helped me a lot. what dint work is on the square i was trying to shade on side at a time  and it dint make it pop.

5. If you were to do this project over again, what changes would you consider making? i would put more lightness in my cone and square and give more detail in the shadow of the square.

6. What was the most difficult part about completing this piece and why? the most diffulcult part about this project was figuring out how to make the shapes pop off of the page.

7. What did you learn from this piece?
that when trying to shade a object shade with the shape always