Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oh the Places We Will Go, Project

When creating this piece I had tree ideas; Italy, France, and walking in the rain. I started to draw out my thumbnails of my ideas when I realized I could combine two of my ideas into one unique idea. I combined walking in the rain with Paris and had the idea to draw a girl from pairs waiting to come back home sitting by train tracks. I used pen for her umbrella, her hat, the rail road tracks, the Eiffel Tower, and for general shading techniques. I used marker for her coat, her suitcases, her hair, the grass, and the mountains in the distance.I used water color for the sky and the ground to give the effect that it was raining in the picture. Overall, my struggles were creating the tiles for the ground were she was sitting, and the rail road tracks. I think had a easier time shading her coat and her suitcases. I was proud of myself for drawing her hair in a way that gave the effect of having curly hair. Overall, this project let me experiment with pen and marker in different fun unique ways.