Art 1 Final Portfilo

Which project was your favorite or most successful this semester? Please explain.

my favortie and most sucessful project was the clay relife title. relife means to build up or off the tile.  this was my favortie project becuase i got to work with clay and do painting all in one. this was my most successful project becuase i used clay to form the diffent shapes ine the foregroung, middle ground and backround to add depth. i also really like using many differnt colors to make up the safari grass. i loved using metailc colors like god aand silver to brighten up my tile. i also like how we had to add textchures to our tiles for example in the grass or my zebras mane. i believev that this was my most succesful progect becuase i used all of my piror skills of value, and lines and mostly perspective to create this peiace.
           2.  Regardless of whether you liked or disliked a project, which one did you learn, grow, or developed the most from? Please explain. 
         the project i learned the most from was the value protrait i had to do of my friend matty.  what i learned from this project was how to add value to certain areas to make the picture realistic. i have always wanted to know how to do this. i really benifittted from making all the differnet value shapes of the person's face. this made me realize just how many spot a light hits an obiject coomming from a light source. this progect also helped me allot with creating shadows.  i learned that by making shadow under a object for example the nose helps the picture be more realistic too.  i learned texchure from this progect also. by creating the hair  i realized that you have to have many details inorder to make up the texchure of an object.
3.    Choose 1 piece of Art that you used skills and techniques learned from previous projects. Discuss your growth as an artist and how you incorporated these skills and techniques to create the piece. 
        the game board drawling  really shows how much i grew as a artist. although this progects is not as well devolped this progect used allot of skills that i have learned from the past. this projectused perspective,  texture, and value. i learned perspective from many projects , but most of all i had to learn perscpetive from my city drawling and my anamorphis drawling where i had to make my drawling look like it was coming off the page. i used perspective in many places in my drawling one of them was the egdes of my game board and the top of the squares for my game board.  i used vlaue in many places too. i learned from this piace that when you go futher into the backround of a picture the color becomes darker. i did this for the top of my squares in the gameboard and for the shadows of the objects on the gameboard. i had to add texchure in the edges of the stack of cards on my gameboard to make the idiviual cards. i also had to add texchure for the pecies of the gameboard to make them "pop" out of the drawling, forexample the mopead. 
4.    Which project do you feel was the least important in learning the concepts taught in this course? Please explain. 
        the print project, was the lest importasnt thing to do in my opinon.  this progect taught us nothing weall ready knew. while this progect was fun by cutting into the minoleum , it did not teach us anything about colors, value, or perspective. i feel like this project was unesary becuase  it did not teach me anything new. allthough i had to put texchure on my fish and on the rocks, i already knew how to do that.  this progect did not teach us about color ethier becuase could only pick one color of ink and piece of paper. this progect did not teach us about value becuase agian, we could only pick one color of ink.  i also had to use my own knowaldge about perspective to create this progect. i used a little bit of perspective when i made the rock decreasing in size while moving further into the back round of the print. beucase i did not learn anything new and this project did not help me grow as a artist i feel like this project was the least important of all our projects.

 5.  Choose a piece of artwork where the subject matter reflects you as an artist; one that you have a personal connection to. Please explain your choice.  
       the artwork that refeclts me as a artist the most is the stncil project.  many people would agree that im sweet, fun and unquie. i think these charterics of me showed up in this stencil. i made my stencil unquie by doing a old punch buggy becuase i wanted my stencil to be creative but classy too. i loved bieng fun with all the differnt color  spraypaint to color the punchbuggy. i added cool colors and warm colors to make my stencil "pop" and also so it would stand out amoung other stencils.  i loved adding one coat of purple as the backround and then adding a black coat to make them fade into eachother. i feel like this made my picture fun and creative. i also felt like my picture had a very girly element to it. i added many pinks and lace prints on it to have the "it" factor to it.

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