Sunday, September 29, 2013

Interesting Point of View Drawing

            At first I wanted to draw a Alice in Wonderland tea set. but when I started looking at the backgrounds of Alice and wonderland and all the unique settings they had I wanted to draw that instead. I wanted to Incorporate some of the famous characters into my drawing and immediately thought of drawing the cat, however, I realized that he has been overdone so I settled for drawing the caterpillar instead. I also knew that I would have to draw many big extravagant flowers and mushrooms too. I chose the 1st point of view for this piece because I thought it would give more attention to the background and all it unique factors. I knew I had to be very creative if I was going to draw Alice in Wonderland so I exaggerated everything I could, I made the mushrooms huge, as well as the roses. I also gave each piece of my drawing very detailed shading so that each piece would pop. Also I gave each part of my drawing texture so my drawing would be unique and unforgettable.

Monday, September 23, 2013

paper bag project

           Value is important because in order to depict depth and add a realistic quality to drawings you have to add many values to your work. I feel like I achieved this quality of volume and 3D by adding value. I added darker values to where the bag was crumpled in and put lighter values for the parts of the bag that were being hit by the light source.  Also when a fold was in the bag I used darker values for the edge of the fold and put lighter values under the fold to make the fold look like it was 3D and coming off the page. I used the paper bag by crumpling it and the folding over the top of the bag to give it a unique fold. The hardest part of drawing the bag for me was the top and inside of the bag; I had a hard time depicting the drawing so it looked like you could really see inside the bag. The part I was most successful at was the front of the bag. I feel like I really depicted the folds and the overlapping of the folds well and did a good job at adding the dark values to the folded in parts of the bag. Overall, this project helped me grow in my shading abilities and taught me how to use the value scale correctly.