Sunday, December 1, 2013

Look At That Animal Move

         For this piece I used Prisma-color pencils. I used them to blend and color along with the shape to make texture. I also made sure to do one stroke at a time for the feathers so it would look realistic in the end. I made the different values with the color pencils by pressing harder for darker values and lighter for lighter values. I accomplished the goal of making the bird look like it was moving by drawing it in a launch position. I arched the shoulders back and leaned its body forward to give it the illusion of getting ready to spring into the air.  Using Prisma-color pencils helped my work because I was able to get brighter values and blend to get a 3D effect and also I was able to work with the values much easier. I had trouble with getting the darker values were the wing was folded and hunched back. I eventually used a black Prisma to get darker values and blended it out. Overall, I loved this project and enjoyed using the Prismas.

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