Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good and Bad Characters and Environments for Character Design Project

I wanted a story you wouldn't normally think of, so for my two characters so I picked two natural enemies, a cowgirl and a yak. In their story this girl named Claire is a farmer. She is the good character because she is really sweet and cares for all her animals. She is living on a farm with her family. However there is one stubborn animal on the farm, her yak.

The yak is the bad character because he is always making trouble on the farm. Weather he is harassing the other animals or making his pen a mess he is always causing trouble for Claire. In the final product the two characters are going to interact by,  the yak steals her cowgirl hat and escapes the pen, then Claire trys to lasso the yak and get her hat back. I choose a red collared shirt  for Claire to give her a western style and I choose to have her live in a peaceful happy-looking barn to give a lot of contrast to the yaks pen. I choose to hav dead trees, a dark sky, and  dead grass in the yak's pen to emphasize that the yak was the bad character. Also I gave the yak black beady eyes to make him look intimidating.

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