Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up Close and Personal Project- Emphasis

Artists solve problems:
I responded to the problems that I had by incorporating new methods of using the coloring pencils. For example I found that if I pressed as hard as I could that value still was not a dark enough value. I solved  this problem by using darker color pencils I used purple for my dark value for the red on the crown of the rooster. This mistake and the correction did make my piece a lot better. It added a 3D effect  to my piece and added a realistic effect. The color purple added a new color In my color scheme. I was able to contrast the color purple with turquoise and mint colors in the background. I had not planned to do a complementing color as the background and I think the back ground complementary color really added a element of constraint and emphasis to the rooster.

Artists Reflect:
I analyzed my progress on this project when I was done with the crown of the rooster before I added the purple as the dark value. I analyzed the piece and then realized that I need a darker value to emphasize the values. So after I realized this I tried different dark values. I tried dark brown and black but none of these colors worked with my color scheme. Then I tried dark purple and this color worked for the red color I chose for the crown and values in the feathers. 

Artist Creates Original Work:
I used references of chickens and roosters and combined the pictures. For my piece I choose a chicken pose and three quarter view. And then I choose to do a rooster in that pose. I also chose to combined the references to make the color choices for the roosters eye. Then I chose my own color scheme for the rooster. I choose a light brown color scheme and contrasted it with a mint and turquoise colors and values. I did use a sources for my inspiration and combined it with my own ideas and color schemes with it, and made it original.

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