Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sticky situation - Im Melting!

I used my own ideas for this project. I wanted to in corporate some sort of flow into my project. So I chose two ideas. A butterfly flying in the rain and Popsicles melting. I chose the Popsicle idea. And I made it orginal by having a Popsicle melting and having different types of Popsicle melting on the ground with different complementing colors. I used my sources to get a reference of how to draw a Popsicle and then basing that for how to draw a melting Popsicle.

I learned from this project how to mix different values of paint. And this skill allowed me to mix and blend the different values of the paints I needed and made it look like a smooth transistion from one color to the next. I gained skills with familiar materials with the acrylic paint. It allowed me to practice the skill of blending paints through out my painting and in different directions. 

I had a challenge with finding a color scheme for my Popsicles and the background color. I solved this problem by asking for help from mrs rossi and my classmates. I dicided to go with a pink salmon color for the back ground and a teal color for the melting Popsicle. I also had a little trouble figuring out a way to make the acrylic pair look like Popsicle melting juice. I eventually figured out that if I add water to the paint it would look like the Popsicle juice.  Although my project did take an unexpected turn because I had orignally wanted to make the background yellow but I had to change it because my darker shade for my white part of my red white and blue Popsicles was yellow to get a creme color. 

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